Tabernas Desert

    Detailed Information

    Tabernas desert is located about 30 kilometers (19 mi) north of the capital, Almería, in the Tabernas municipality.

    It is considered to be the only real desert on the whole European continent and its scenery is tremendously stimulating and startling. With a semiarid Mediterranean climate, rainfall that does not reach 250 mm per year and an average temperature over 17° C, Mediterranean type sand covered gullies have formed, known as “bad lands”, with steppes covered in grasses.

    The Desert of Tabernas, because of its similarities with the North American deserts like the Far West of the American West, northern Africa, the Arabian deserts, and its lunar landscape, served from 1950s and is still used today for the shooting of many films and westerns. The spaghetti westerns were shot at the three main studios, Texas Hollywood, Mini Hollywood, and Western Leone.